Brookelynne Briar

Brookelynne Briar
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Description Girlfriend Needs Your Cum
Hi babe! I thought that maybe you and I can try something different tonight. You know - something to spice-up our sex life. I was thinking that maybe we could try fucking bareback tonight. I know it's risky, but I really, really, REALLY want to know what your raw, throbbing cock feels like in my pussy. As long as we are careful, we should be okay. Just remember to pull out and cum on my face or titties. Let's get that cock out of your's out. I can see it's already hard and ready to be sucked while I talk dirty to you. Now lay back and let me slide my wet pussy down on that big dick. You feel so fucking good moving in and out of my pussy. God! Fuck me harder, I want to cum so badly on your bare cock. Oh yes! Don't stop! Whatever you do - don't stop! I want you to cum with me! Fuck it - I want to feel you cum in my pussy while I orgasm on your cock. Please fill me with your load. Please!
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Brookelynne Briar
BrookelynneBriar: Lubed And Ready
Submission Date Feb 13, 2020

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